What is Quickcashgaming?

is a wagering platform for gamers that connects players to an opponent with the tap of a button! You can place bets against other users in solo head to head matches, tournaments, or with friends to win real money!


How do I sign up?

You can sign up on our website or by downloading our iOS app (recommended).

Does it cost anything to sign up on Quickcashgaming ?

Nope! You do not have to pay to sign up.

Is Quickcashgaming e a scam?

No, Quickcashgaming is not a scam. Quickcashgaming is the biggest platform to play video games for money in the world, a registered business in the state of New York, and we earn money by keeping 10% of entry fees from users. We offer lower fees than any of our competitors. For more information on our founders, investors, and business, head to the “about” page on our website.

How old must I be to use Quickcashgaming ?

You have to be at least 18 to play on Quickcashgaming. It is against our Terms of Service and the law to use our site if you are under 18. Please don’t make an account if you’re under 18—we’ll be forced to lock it.

Is there a Quickcashgaming App?

Yes! You can download the iOS app at

We plan to have the Android app released before the end of 2020.

Is Quickcashgaming?

Yes! Legally, Players’ Lounge is NOT a gambling platform, it’s a platform that facilitates skill based video game competitions. PL users place wagers on THEIR OWN performance, NOT the outcome of other players’.

Each state has its own law re: competing for cash. If you live in one of the following states, you may not play for cash prizes on Quickcashgaming:


Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

What games are on Quickcashgaming?

We currently offer Madden 20, NBA 2K20, FIFA 20, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, and Fortnite, on Quickcashgaming . We plan to expand to other games soon. Stay tuned!

How can I submit highlights?

Want to be featured on our page? Submit here:

Is the site secure?

We place the highest concern on keeping your sensitive info protected. Our databases & servers are highly secured with robust encryption. We NEVER store your credit card information. All credit card transactions are done securely via our credit card processors.

I’m not a pro gamer, can I win money on Quickcashgaming?

Casual players are making money on Quickcashgaming EVERY DAY!


Quickcashgaming is designed for non-professional gamers. Our matchmaking system ensures that you are playing people within your skill level to allow casual gamers to play games competitively.


We actively match gamers of similar skill levels, to ensure all users have the best experience possible.


The majority of PL users are students, lawyers, security guards, cashiers, accountants, developers — all types of people!

How can I change my PLR?

The only way your PLR changes is by your performance on Quickcashgaming . It is not possible to manually change it.

How do I play with a friend in a 2v2 match?

2v2 is only available on web. It’s coming to the app soon!

To play in 2v2 matches follow these steps:

1. In the drop down menu, select Team Custom Match or Team Direct Challenge

2. Choose the game, amount and rules you’d like to play with

3. Invite your teammate to play with you

4. Wait until someone joins your open or direct challenge

How does my money move as I use Quickcashgaming?

If you create an open match or send a direct challenge, the entry fee will be temporarily removed from your account and placed into that match until it is played and given to the winner, or the match is cancelled.

Be sure to check your Transaction History to review any changes in your account—everything is tracked.

How do I get free stuff from Quickcashgaming?

Our customer appreciation team has been selecting highly active players who have played high wagers on the site over the last few months to receive appreciation gifts from us!

How do I get VIP status?

To enroll in the rewards program you must have played over 950 games and have good behavior on the site. we take into account dispute ratios and player reviews before enrolling someone in the program.

Dispute ratios = disputes / matches played.

Player reviews = other players rating them 1-5.

What does VIP status get you?

VIP program allows for 20% off at our shop, direct access to your PL host in case you have any questions or needs, exclusive (free) competitions for cash prizes and much more.

I want to play a game you don’t offer on Quickcashgaming.

For now, we’re building the app and will try adding new games in the future. Stay tuned!

How do I change my gamertag?

You can change your gamertag in your account settings.

Why am I being asked to submit tax information?

If you are a US-based player, you’re required by law to report income over $600 to the IRS. If you’ve withdrawn more than $600 from PL, it must be reported to the government. You’ll have to submit your tax info to us and you’ll receive a 1099 at the end of the tax year to file your taxes.


Your information is held securely and is not shared with anyone other than the IRS.

Matches & tournaments

How do I play a match?

The exact steps vary by game, but in general:

1. Join an instant match, create your own open match, or send a direct challenge.

2. Add your opponent as a friend on Xbox Live, PSN, or PC using their Gamertag or Username.

3. Go to the game mode where you can play with / against a friend online.

4. Send a game invite to your opponent.

5. Check and confirm the match rules and settings on the match page on

Quickcashgaming as well as in game on your console.

6. Start the match.

7. Report the score on the Quickcashgaming match page.


Note: We recommend screen recording all of your matches on your console when competing on Quickcashgaming. Be sure to take pictures/screenshots of the match final score in case of a dispute about the match results.

How do tournaments work?

Tournaments are competitions where multiple players must win enough consecutive games to earn a piece of the prize pool. Prize money is typically reserved for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.


Tournaments start at specific times. When you see a tournament you want to play in, register to reserve your spot. You’ll get a notification and/or email 10 mins before the tourney starts.


Leave a tournament before it starts and your entry fee money will be refunded instantly.


If the tournament is full you can join the waitlist and hope a spot opens up.


Once the tournament begins, the bracket is randomly generated. Make sure you block out enough time to complete the tournament if you make it far!

Are there free tournaments?

We post the password to the daily free & low fee social tourney on our IG story and our twitter timeline a few hours before the tourney every day.


Turn on Twitter notifications for @_quickcashgaming or Instagram Stories notifications for @quickcashgaming and never miss the password!

Can we finish our game if the match timer expires?

YES! Please extend the match if possible, if not please let the admin know in the chat you’re finishing your game.

Why am I waiting so long for my next match?

Certain circumstances can delay your next opponent:

Match timer was extended

Score wasn’t reported or accepted

Match expired awaiting admin ruling

Player hasn’t shown up


Click “View Bracket” & find the match you’re waiting on.

How do I cancel a match?

To cancel a match that you’ve invited a player to, but that hasn’t been accepted yet, go to the match page and press cancel. The match will be canceled immediately.


If you want to cancel a match that’s already been accepted, press the Cancel Match button on the match page. Your opponent will have to approve your cancellation request. If they don’t want to cancel, you must play the match or forfeit, so make sure you are ready to play when you join / create a match!


If you decide you don’t want to cancel, make sure to undo your cancellation request! Otherwise, if you play the match and win, your opponent will be able to accept your cancellation request and the match won’t count. There’s nothing we can do for you in this situation!

What are rookie tournaments?

Rookie tournaments are competitions exclusively for PLRs 1-3. You must have acquired a PLR to enter, which you get after playing three head to head matches.

What is the Quickcashgaming Rating, or PLR?

Each player has a Quickcashgaming Rating, or PLR, ranked 1-5, which is an indicator of how good a player is at a game. This is determined by an algorithm that takes into account things such as the number of wins and losses a player has, who they have played against and more.


A new player’s rank displays as “N/A.”


PLR is assigned after 3 head-to-head games.

Why can’t I play COD on PC?

We currently offer Call of Duty for PS4 and Xbox only on


, but we are always updating our offerings and adding new games and platforms. Keep an eye out!

Why can’t I play Apex, Rocket League, Smash Bros, MLB The Show, or NHL on Quickcashgaming anymore?

We love Apex, Rocket League, Smash Bros, MLB The Show and NHL! Players’ Lounge enjoyed offering these games in the past on our platform. We tried really hard to grow those communities into juggernauts & just couldn’t make it happen. For now, we’re building the app and will try adding new games in the future.

How do disputes work? How is a winner determined?

If you and your opponent submit conflicting scores, the match will be disputed. Upload text, or picture and video evidence on the match page to prove the game went the way you say it did. Evidence must be submitted within 10 mins.


A PL admin will evaluate the evidence and make a final decision.


Video evidence is the strongest kind. We encourage you to record video of all matches you play on Quickcashgaming.

Why did I lose my dispute?

The most common reason disputes are lost is due to lack of valid evidence:


No video evidence.

No screenshots.

Little to no explanation of the issue.

Didn’t submit the real score.

No time stamped evidence.

Opponents gamertag wasn’t visible.


Recording your gameplay is the single most important thing when playing

money matches.


Below are general rules and guidelines for all PL matches:


If you receive an invitation on your console that doesn’t match the rules laid out on this match page, DO NOT play the match.

If you play the match, lose and submit a dispute,

Quickcashgaming admins will not approve your dispute.

Here at Quickcashgaming, we value fair play, and make what we believe is the most fair decision.

Dispute determinations are strictly at the discretion of our admins.

My opponent broke a rule in our match. What do I do?

Please review all game settings before the match starts, and again as soon as the game starts. If a game is played with incorrect rules, it is not disputable.


If you receive an invitation on your console that does not match the rules laid out on your match page, do not play the match. If you begin the match, lose and submit a dispute, we can’t rule in your favor. By playing or starting a match, you’re confirming that the rules were correct and agreed upon.


Examples of broken rules:

“My opponent set the match to 4min when it was supposed to be 5 min”

“My opponent used a team that we didn’t agree on”

“My opponent used West Coast playbook”

“My opponent set it to All-Pro instead of All-Madden”

“My opponent used a different gamertag”

Why is my account locked?

If your account is locked, we have evidence of you breaking our Terms of Service.


Your account may be under review for one of the following violations:

Underage (must be 18+ to play on site)

Creating more than one account

Multiple users on same account

False score reporting

Manipulating promotional offers

Derogatory statements (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc)


Our support team will be reviewing your account activity and making a decision on whether or not to PERMANENTLY block your account or re-open it. This decision is final and up to the PL Support team as listed in our Terms of Service. Please be patient—If you respond maliciously to this message, we will immediately block you from contacting support.

When will my dispute be reviewed?

Between hours of 10am and 2am EST, disputes will be resolved within 90 minutes. Please don’t message support if you have a dispute open. We will get to it soon as possible. Thank you!

How can I contact support?

Please contact our support team in the 24/7 chat on the app or website. You can also contact support via email at help@


Please don’t message support if you have a dispute open. We will get to it soon as possible. Thank you!

Withdrawal & ID requirements

How can I deposit funds into my Quickcashgaming account?

The most popular ways to deposit funds to your account are: credit / debit card, or Paypal.

I am not from the US, do I get charged any fees for currency exchange? Where do you get your exchange rate from?

The currency used on

Quickcashgaming is USD. If you deposit with a foreign card, you may see a small discrepancy between the amount you requested to deposit, and the amount your card was charged. The rates are established by your bank / card issuer, not by Quickcashgaming.

Why do I need to verify my credit card?

To prevent fraud, we make two small charges (under $2) onto your credit card and ask you to confirm what those charges are. Once confirmed, the charges are refunded and that card can be used to deposit.

Why do I need to submit my drivers license or passport?

You must be at least 18 years old to use Quickcashgaming. We are required by law to identify all of our users with valid government ID & confirm they’re 18+.


There can be tax implications from your winnings, so we must ensure that all of our users are who they claim they are.

How can I withdraw my money?

You can access the withdrawal page on the website or by pressing the drop down menu in the top right corner of the app, then click the “Withdraw” button.


Enter your withdrawal info, including how much money you want to withdraw. Then click the “Request Withdrawal” button.


You’ll have your money in 5 business days, or on the day of your request if you paid for a same-day withdrawal!

Where is my withdrawal?

Standard withdrawals take 5 business days (M-F) to process. A withdrawal made Monday before 7pm, you will get your money next Monday.


Same day withdrawals submitted before 7pm ET M-F are processed shortly after 8pm ET (M-F)


Withdrawals submitted after 7pm ET, M-F, will be processed the next business day at approx 8pm ET. Funds are not released on weekends.

How do I cancel my withdrawal?

Go to your transaction history and click cancel on your pending withdrawal.

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