About us

Our Motto at QCG is earn a living gaming. Growing up you were probably told video games were silly, and you need to get off your couch and go get a job, fast-forward to decades later you now see gamers making hundreds of thousands, and millions of dollars from eSports competition, gaming on streaming services like YouTube, Twitch, and other platforms. So in other words the evolution of gaming have provided gamers the opportunity to make the money of a high paying Job, remember if your truly amazing at games there’s no limit to what you can make a day.

Our goal is to have Gamers World wide betting on themselves and grow this community, it’s a billion gamers on the planet, imagine the circulation of money that can be made with only 2-5% of that population. We can take QCG to new heights and help create opportunities for gamers like never before, never play for free again bet on yourself!